QUEST COACH acts only as an agent in arranging transportation, accommodations, meals, sightseeing tours and other services, and as such is not responsible for damages, loss, delay, injury, or accident due to weather or default or any act of default of any company or person engaged in providing transportation, lodging, sightseeing or any other services included in any part of our tours. Our company reserves the right to cancel any tour or make changes in any tour with or without any notice, which may be necessary, including substitution, meals and services. We are not responsible to any person for expenses, loss of time or money or other circumstances resulting from a change in itinerary or change of tour arrangements. Items left on the coach will be stored in the office's lost and found for 30 days. After that time anything left unclaimed will be disposed of or donated. Any passenger may be dismissed from any tour by the tour director or bus driver in charge should his/her conduct not be in harmony with the rest of the passengers and no further obligations will be assumed by our company. QUEST COACH is not responsible for any typographical errors that may occur during publication of our booklet or any and all itineraries published.